vishus (vishus) wrote in boston_buddies,

I was just outside playing frisbee. We had Kong on his stake and we started playing "Boston in the Middle". Kong was sprinting back and forth between the two of us, jumping in the air trying desperately to get the frisbee. My wife had an errant throw that went over my head and beyond the length of Kong's runner. He was so excited that I had missed a throw he sprinted at the frisbee at full speed until he reached the end of his length. After hearing a loud snapping sound I realized Kong was still running full speed. The strong little bugger actually snapped his collar in two and kept running. Once I knew he was okay I could not stop laughing. At one point in the game he ran around my wife and his runner snapped against her legs sweeping her right off her feet onto her bum. In other words: BT + Runner + Frisbee = Fun but Dangerous Times.

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