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It's been a long time since I posted here! I don't get a lot of action shots. Niku doesn't sit still for them. Most of my pictures of her are sleepy puppy pictures. She got a new toy the other day and I just had to take some pictures. So here you are, the pictures of her playing outside in the flowers the other day ^__^

"Hey, look what I got! A Hurl-a-Squirrel!"

"Isn't it the coolest?"

"And tastey too..."

"Ok, you can go away now. I'm just gonna tear him apart while you're not looking."

Silly Niku, I foiled her plans for destruction by taking the toy away shortly after. I want that one to last for more than an hour. So she can play with it a bit, but once she's starts gnawing on it I put it up until next time in hopes of expanding her toy life. I have a stack of dead toys that I need to sit down, restuff and patch up. Niku's just a little chew chew monster ^_^;;;

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