Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

bye bye, lil' nutters

Bentley is normally a happy-go-lucky kinda guy.

Get their lil' manhoods emptied. We took this last pic for record

He is quite the licker, so he has to wear this cone,
whenever unsupervised, for 10 days our vet said,
this seems awefully long to me, and Bentley agrees

Hopefully he will be smiling like this again soon, its a tough time, especially when he can't run and play but wants to.

These creatures we thought were hummingbirds
attacking at night are actually Gypsy Moths also
called hummingbird moths. They attacked these
flowers in herds. Bentley and I were both pretty
freaked out. I had to take a photo to see what
they were.


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