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Hello all,
I am actually looking for some advice. A little background first.

My 1 1/2 yr old boston terrier Misty used to attend this wonderful daycare for small dogs and unfortunately they had to get rid of the girl that used to pick the dogs up in the city (Boston) which left my Misty and a bunch of other neighbors without a daycare. Since then, I've hired a dog walker to walk Misty and my neighbor's dog Cheetara (yorkie) and after their walk leave them together in my kitchen to keep each other company until I get home.
I've noticed that since Misty stopped going to daycare and now that the winter is gone, she has become very feisty towards dogs she doesn't know especially big dogs. I have been taking her to the park to socialize her but she is still doing it. She is fine with the dogs that live in the same building/she went to daycare with but even those that she has played with before but didn't go to daycare with she is now very evil to them.

There are some new dogs in my building and she is horrible to them!
I am starting to worry A LOT!
I tried to socialize her since a young pup because I didn't want her to be this way but now that she is no longer going to daycare she has become an evil bitch.

She is starting a new daycare in June and even though I've explained to them what has been happening with Misty, I am afraid she might get rough with some of the other pups and get kick out.
She is the sweetest dog with people and absolutely loves the dogs she knows. She is also very protective of the yorkie that spends time with her and I am afraid that while trying to play "mom" for this little yorkie she might get into trouble while at daycare when the other doggie tries to play with others.

Any advice, comments, tips??? Anything.....! 

Thanks : )


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