slavetomydogss (slavetomydogss) wrote in boston_buddies,

Hello !

Hello every-1 at BostonBuddies !

It seems that right soon after I had the pleasure to join I went on an extended trip ----- and to my dismay ----- when I came back home my computer had --- yes --- died. It has been looked at and is in the computer hospital but it needs a lot of work. I am lucky enough to be using a friends computer today so I may check my email as they now have -very very very- strict restrictions on the internet at work. That may be because of my slight ------ addiction !

I have some photographs of my babys to post though - I had one of those CD's made while getting photographs of my trip developed. Very cool service - has anyone else ever used it? Kodak does it.

I hope you are all well and that your puppies are just as well ! My computer should be working within 2 weeks or about-there they said --------- now to see if they will take payments on the bill ! The $$$ so far has been ----- well ----- scary.

Cannot wait to show you photographs and to talk to you all soon !

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