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Please consider helping this shelter, they may have to shut down, if everyone would help alittle imagine how many animals lifes would be saved....please have a heart and donate!
feel free to cross post this everywhere, we can make a difference!!!!

heres the info:Unfortunately, we are on the verge of closing Paws 4 Life. It looks like 31 Dec will be the official closing date as of right now.... I am not normally one to ask for donations from the board, but if anyone would be interested in helping out with the vet bills please send a Donation to: Dr. Scott Blanton, Green Meadow Vet Clinic, 3446 Green Meadow Drive, San Angelo TX 76904. Please make sure the donation has "for Paws 4 Life" somewhere on it! Any amount will help, even $1.00 per person. If we cannot raise enough money to pay the vet bills, I will be responsible for the bill. As some of you know Paws 4 Life has been open for 5 years, but we are not getting enough support to keep it open..... We have saved over a thousand dogs during this time, so it was not all in vain.... Also, if you know of anyone looking for a dog plese ask them to consider one here as we don't know what will happen with the remaining dogs at the moment.

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