A mass of walking contradictions (nickitty) wrote in boston_buddies,
A mass of walking contradictions


Do you find that when your Boston gets exceptionally excited it is even stinkier than usual?

Last night we were invited to a BBQ and our friends said, "bring Vinnie!" so we did. Where he proceeded to embarass us to death with an unending stream of gas. It was pretty horrific. And the poory guy just couldn't figure out why people didn't want him near them because he LOVES people.

We can't - for the life of us - figure out why it was SO bad! The only thing we thought of is because he got SO excited at first that he sucked in alot of air when saying his 'hellos' when we first got there. You know the leaping happy snorting boston behaviour! :)

Back to home and today he's a loveable (not so stinky!) angel again.

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