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I am not sure if there are any Canadians on here but I thought I would post this just in case... I am a member of another Boston board and she has lost here dog Memphis... here is her post with some info...and if you are like me and are no where near Canada, keep them in your thoughts! It breaks my heart...

I had to be away at meetings for the last couple of days and stayed with my sister. My Dad was with me as he had some medical tests I had to take him to..
My Mom was babysitting Booker and Memphis.Today she took all three dogs out to the country so they could chase tennis balls..However on the way home this carload of teenagers smashed into the side of her van..Luckily no one was hurt..In all the commotion Memphis has disappeared..
I arrived home tonight and searched for him in the rain..No Memphis..
My Mom put it on the radio, and phoned my friend who operates the SPCA.
I am just praying that someone took him in for the night.
Tannis took his collar off last night before bed last night ,and did not get it on him today before she left for school..She looked for him with her friends for hours earlier today as did my Mom..
I am worrying, as is everyone else in my family. Please keep your fingers crossed for Memphis's safe return.
Tomorrow I will get up early and start looking again, and put up some posters.

He is a small chubby, neutered, Boston Terrier. He has a black body and legs,white mask on his face and chest.No tail.He resembles a small bulldog.
Memphis went missing after a car accident, near St.Marys Church on Friday, May 27th, 2005.

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