Courtney (s0yl3ntgr33n) wrote in boston_buddies,

Missing Pug

Seen on a Boston Terrier message board I belong to.

Dear Pugfolk --
All of our worst nightmares have come to pass for Beth Knowlton:
last night while she was out, Elliot was in his crate and he and the
crate were stolen from her apartment at W. 112th St. and Lake Ave.,
just over the Lakewood/Cleveland Border. Elliot, as many of you may
know, is a "special needs" pug who has lost the use of right front
leg and gets around admirably well on three. Beth had just moved
into this apartment, a building with a courtyard, and the apartment
across from her was burglarized as well. Nothing else was taken
from Beth's apartment.The police were called and are involved.
I'm going to see if I can send another email with a flyer attachment
that you can print out and post in your neighborhood. Or if you want
to make up your own flyer, go ahead and do so. Those with
information should call 216-702-2665. Beth is offering a $1,000
reward and if we can blanket the area with the news, hopefully
someone will get Elliot back to Beth.
Also, if you are in other pug groups -- OPR; Pug meet-up, or any
other dog-related group -- would you get this message out to those
so that we can notify as many people as possible?
Elliot is a fawn male, five years old in July, who walks with his
right foot up. At the time he was taken Elliot was wearing, ID tags,
his collar and a navy blue "hero" t-shirt.
Dawn Broadway has put info on our website: and has emailed channel 3 in hopes
they might do a story since Elliot was featured in Pugapalooza and
the Pug Wedding. (Connie: if you can possibly get any Plain Dealer
coverage -- we realize the newspaper doesn't typically feature
stolen dogs as news stories -- we would be eternally grateful).
Any other ideas for getting Elliot returned will be appreciated.
Beth's number is 216-702-2665; you can call me at 216-381-9730.
Catholics: Saint Hubert is the patron Saint of dogs; do what you can
to get him on the case. All other religious intervention of any
creed also is valued and appreciated.

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