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Creepy Guy.

Every morning I take Charlie out to the pet area to do his thing. There are hardly ever any other dogs there by the time I we go out, so I usually let him off the leash. He stays pretty close. The other day there was a guy there that was trying to get him to come to him...calling him, clapping his hands and such. Charlie looked at him and thought about going up to see him, but was a little wary. The guy came out again this morning and tried to get Charlie to come to him. Charlie was all like "Oh, a new friend!!!" and he started looking for a way to get up to the guy. (He was up a level and Charlie would have had to go around the high retaining wall.) Then he started to bark at the guy. I called him to come and he kept watching the guy.... So I firmly gave Charlie the comand to come and go inside "Kom, nun ins Haus!" and started walking away. (He's trained in German.) To my surprise and relief he shot over to me and ran back to our apartment.

I'm sure this guy just thinks Charlie's cute and just wanted to play with him, but he was kind of creepy. Why would someone just assume that it's okay to play with your dog and not even ask the owner and such...?

Maybe I'll have to get one of those pull-out leashes, so that Charlie can have more roam but still be on the leash.

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