Anticipated Zulu (sebatical) wrote in boston_buddies,
Anticipated Zulu

Do any of your Bostons have ear problems?

While I acknowledge that ear infections are most common with dogs that have floppy ears, Clancy spends a lot of time with what appears to be a dark, heavy wax build-up in his passenger-side ear. I do see some residue from the right ear when I clean both, but for most parts, it's his right ear.

It bothers him to the point that he scratches it and cries when he does. I've tried T8 solution, which was provided by the vet to break-up wax prior to the introduction of ear drops, and that seems to work fairly well. While he's no longer on ear drops (which didn't really serve much purpose anyway), I still rely on the T8 solution to clean his ear. The vet had suggested mineral oil, but that stuff is so oily it seems counter-productive.

I feel horrible when I have to clean his ears (every 2-3 days) because he cries when the Q-tip is place on the fold of skin that leads to his inner-ear. I was concerned at first that I risked pushing wax further into his middle-ear, but I've decided that it's just sensitive from slight swelling.

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