Blogging Molly (pegeen) wrote in boston_buddies,
Blogging Molly

Showing off my puppy

Hi!!! I'm new to the community, and this is my puppy, Sullivan. He's my second Boston, I got him in the summer and I <3 him sooooo much! I named him after John L. Sullivan (the "Boston Strong-Boy"), a bare-knuckled boxer from the 1800s. I think the name is quite fitting :)

This is my favorite Christmas elf...of course, he CHEWS toys, and leaves gifts of a much more unpleasant nature...

So tired...he's a very snuggly puppy.

Sullivan modeling his new cable-knit sweater...I think he looks like a little J. Crew poster boy. Asked him if he's a Princeton or a Yale man, and then I remembered he's Boston--it's gotta be Hah-vahd!!!


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