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the adventures of Hogwarts

I put this in my personal journal but I'll post it here too since it has to do with Hogwarts, sorry for the none boston bits, this is from last night.

So I'm baby sitting Hogwarts for G and Z and 1st thing this mornig after they left I go into the bathroom to get ready and when I come out there is Hog on my bed pulling the stuffing out of my bedspread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have a whole new "bed in a bag" going on LOL However after buying the new bed in a bag I put the dust ruffle on the top of the bed to go start the wash (washing the new sheets, pillowcases etc) and I see Hog rolling around on it and acting crazy. After starting the wash I go to put on the dust ruffle and Hog had peed on it!!!!!!!! it went thru all the way to my mattress pad.
I had to wash everything!! I guess he thinks he's breaking in the new stuff or something.
My husband is going to a ball tourney and was supposed to leave tonight but now he's leaving tomorrow which means 3 dogs in my bed plus him, now I'll have to listen to him complain about the "leg blockers/back killers" all night long.
I got myself the videos to Jane Eyre, Les Mis and a couple foreign films to watch (he would never watch any of those) now he's here messing up my plans....sigh....he'll probably want to be fed too....
OMG!!! Tink was just barking her head off so I went to see what the dogs are doing and Hog is ripping up 2 paper towels!! it's all over the place
GENEVIEVE ARE YOU READING THIS??? now he's going HOG wild on my couch!! racing around and growling and crap hahaha
now he's doing the BT 500 thru my house.

Today he's keeping busy chasing ice cubes around LOL

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