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We're going on a wild goose chase for puppies.

First stop:  Brokendown Dogs Shelter in Alexandria, Louisiana

There's a Boston/Dachshaund mix there named-- get this-- Zebrahead.  Sounds like our kind of guy.  We're going to try to meet him since there's no picture of him on Petfinder. 

Also, I talked to the woman who runs the shelter there and she said they make regular trips to California if the dogs in Louisiana don't find homes quickly.  So I'm thinking that perhaps we could arrange a rescue for the Boston kelliee found, since they'll already be making the trip.

We're also looking at a beautiful Boston in the animal shelter in Carencro, which is a couple hours from here.  I think it might be fate, because he's named Austin.  Austin is the city of my dreams, my black-and-white-to-color, Wizard-of-Oz-esque transformation. I moved from there in December with Danny, to finish school. In any case, they don't open until Saturday, so for now all I can do is hope that he's still there and maybe they'll call me back.

I'll be damned if I don't find a little pig.  I hope I can come home with a happy update!  Thank you all for your help, and wish us luck!


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