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Prospective Product.

I'm thinking about starting a little business making cute, soft, squishy, insulated, felt (or other fabric) covered (washsable cover) gel pads for puppies. The covers would probably feature variations of "kawaii" japanese/korean characters (hello kitty, etc), and would include a pocket with a removable vibrating/heartbeat sound simulation device inside (with an on & off switch).

They would be great for people w/ new puppies, kittens, etc. Adult dogs might even like them too!

Simply pop the gell pad in the microwave for X amount of secounds, put it inside the cover, zip (or velcro), and you're ready to go!

I'd first thought of using hot water bottles, but it can be a hassle to have to boil the water. I thought the removable gel packs would be more convinient. It'd be way cheaper than water bottles too.

The covers would be insulated with some sort of batting/quilting material for maximum squishiness & comfort, and would measure about 10 x 10 inches, to allow room for multiple babies.

These would be especially helpful in situation where the mother is not present, as warmth & comfort is KEY in the survival of little orphans. The vibrating mechanism would also help, as it would aid bowel movements. I'm not sure if any of you know this, but mother dogs/cats massage their young's abdomens with their tongues to help stimulate them. Often times the reason orphans end up dying is due to severe constipation, and not a lack of nutrition or warmth.

From the specs i've found, the retail price on something like this would have to run about $25-$35, to cover the cost of the supplies, and make a reasonable profit.

Names i'm considering include (but are NOT limited to);

Babie Buddies (or Baby Buddies)
Lil' Mommas (or Little Mommas)

I've searched for existing products that have all the features mine would, and have not found any. They make heating pads (can get TOO hot, fire hazard, and can be costly), they make vibrating things, they make teddy bears with heartbeat sounds, but nothing with all three, and nothing specifically FOR puppies/kittens.

My question for you all is, will i have a reasonable market? I don't expect the product to boom, and make me a millionaire, that's not the point at all. I just need to know that it will sell PERIOD, before i waste time & money.

Also, does anyone have any better ideas for product names? If anyone comes up with something i use, i'll credit you on the website, and send you a free INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE.

Thanks for your help!

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