Stephanie Scott (hotaslava2024) wrote in boston_buddies,
Stephanie Scott

Daisy is sick. Every now and then she has clay like poop with an orangish color. It comes out in massive piles it's amazing it all fit inside her. We had two different vets run all types of tests and nothing came up; the last vet told us that as she grows older, she will grow out of it. She has, a bit. It happens less frequently now that she's two. It happened Thursday and she has been throwing up only once each morning since then. This was also one of her little ticks. We thought nothing abnormal of it and just documented it. Normally when she throws up it lasts for about 4 days, once a day, in the morning and doesn't act sick at all. The vet thinks she gets overheated (possibly by not breathing well) at night and it upsets her stomach come morning. She's always running around as usual that it's impossible believe she is sick. Well I got topped off yesterday when she pee'd on the carpet right in front of everyone. Daisy NEVER wets the carpet. Ever. I called the vet and they said put her on a bland diet- Broiled beef, rice and cottage cheese and give her pepito bismo tablets cut in half 4 times a day. If nothing gets better, I have to call Friday for an appointment. I'm beginning to think that this isn't normal but how can two vets be wrong? Does anyone else have this problem or can offer any advice?

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