Jamie (jamie_marie) wrote in boston_buddies,

Things didn't work out with Betty Boop... after a lot of consideration, and talking it over, it just didn't feel right in our hearts... tonight Brian pointed out a post here on boston_buddies about a BT on petfinder that's in an Orlando kill-shelter. We live two hours north, and didn't see the post until 11 pm tonight.. so we can't call.. but we've decided to be spontaneous and just drive down in the morning, hoping for the best! We don't know anything about this guy.. hopefully he's pet friendly, and what we're looking for! Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!

Here he is again...


We drove down this morning, but he had already been adopted :( Someone adopted him a couple of days ago. I wish they'd update Petfinder! Oh well.. I'm so glad he got a home, I just wish it was mine. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

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