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so much for lifejackets

The good news is that now we know that Lainie can swim.

The bad news? It's kind of a long story . . .

I live in a rural area, and my backyard is huge. Not only that, but directly behind the backyard is my dad's landing strip for his airplane. On the other side of that is a field. You get the picture.

Given this information, my mother decided to take Lainie out into the backyard without her leash, even though she knows that Lainie is not to be trusted.

She also forgot what I neglected to mention: just on the other side of the strip is a small pond-like runoff from the septic tank.

You can see where this is going, but Mom didn't. Lainie dove in head-first, and Mom started to worry that she was going to have to jump in after her.

About that time, Lainie realized that the funpuddle was actually a bath in disguise. She didn't so much swim out as she levitated and flew.

That's when Lainie got a real bath.

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