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Hi, I just joined. I couldn't resist, so many cute pictures of puppies.

Anyway, I'm For-Chan (aka Kim) and these are my puppies, Puddin' and Scutter.
Puddin' and Scutter

I stole my Dad's camera to take lots of pictures. He says I take too many pictures of them, to which I reply that you can never have enough ^_^

~ Puddin' ~
Puddin' on alert

~ Scutter ~
Scutter taking over the Recliner

This was our Christmas icon

Puddin' was sporting a mistletoe headband while Scutter went as Santa ^_^*

This was my first Boston when I was younger, Oreo.
Mmm! Oreo!
Don't worry, no dogs were harmed in the taking of that photo. ^_^

Anyway, those are my babies whom I love dearly. Even though they have earned the nickname "Boston Terrorists". I mean, look what they did to their Christmas toys!

I think I'll spare you more. But it's great to find a community to show off my babies at ^_^ See ya around the neighborhood ^_^

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