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NOT B.T. Related...Cut Provided!

I promised my neighbor I'd ask around:
He has a female Husky named Daisy that is approximately 4-6 months old (I forgot to ask her specific age.) Anyhow, he just moved here from NY with her and they are living with his parents, my neighbors, until he finds a house (he just got a job out here in MD.) His mother, absolutely HATES dogs and is terrified of them. (I have a little 10 lb. Boston Terrier, and when we got her at 4 lbs, she freaked I can only imagine what this big ol' Husky is like her her home.)

As much as he hates to get rid of Daisy, it is causing turmoil in the home, and he feels it is unfair to keep Daisy kenneled or out in the backyard (this heat can't be good for such a hairy dog) and is resorting to having her go to a good home instead.

He told me he was asking $400 and that would include her kennel and etc. I am assuming he has kept up on all her vaccinations. I've met her and played with her a few times...she is really really sweet. She's got a wonderful disposition and I've hardly ever heard her bark. My neighbors on the other side of me have two yellow labs, and they would occasionally have 'playdates'. If she wasn't such a big, hairy dog, I'd take her in!

So, if you live in Maryland (Baltimore Area) and are interested or know someone who is, please let me know. I could provide pictures if you ask. Thanks for reading this.

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