NH (xsaltyx) wrote in boston_buddies,

Cornholio and his sister, Maizy!

I've wanted pictures of Corny and Maizy taking a bath together forever because it's always cute x100, so I recruited Shawn last night and he photographed (and dried Corny)!

But first, from the other day, the closest that I even find the dogs to cuddling with eachother!

And now... on to the bathing!

Up first, little drown-rat Cornholio shows his displeasure!

But don't worry, little man... Maizy's here to enjoy the water and help you through it.

She will dig furiously in the water and create splashes to get you good and wet!

And the girl will be there to block the water from splashing you in the face.

Finally, Maizy is sent packing to the other end of the tub while you get shampooed in peace.

She will poke her head back in to make sure you are being adequately cleaned, though, of course.

Don't look so sad! You're getting rinsed, so it's almost over!

Maizy is still waiting patiently (and happily) in the back of the tub for her turn!

Soon, she realizes that something may be up...

Cornholio has exited the tub, the shower goes on, and now it's time to clean the Maizy. She is not as happy about this.

Save me!


And finally, it was all over. Cornholio dragged himself all over the hallway floor trying desperately to return himself to his stinky glory, while Maizy had to spend a few minutes in her crate drying off due to her heavy resistance to towels being used on or about her person.

The end!

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