Sara (classikgrl73) wrote in boston_buddies,

Theo...I am in love...

As I posted before we are in the process of possibly adopting a 10 month old Boston from a friend of a co-worker...Well we met Theo last night. I am in love. I really hope this works out! I think my husband has reservations because Reggie is our only child canine or otherwise. But I think it will be good for Reggie to have another dog to play with. Theo is so god damned cute I can't even stand it. He is a big boy, 23lbs at 10 months old( Reggie will be 2 in December and is 18-19lbs). He has cute black spots between his eyes and down to his nose. Love love love I am in love...
It will probably be at least Monday until I hear anything...It will be a looooog weekend!

Any thoughts on changing a dogs name? We are huge NY Yankees fans ( Reggie named after Reggie Jackson--Mr. October) and Theo is named after Theo Epstein, GM of the Red Sox! EEEEEEEK! How can we allow this name in our house?? I was thinking that is probably doable because if you adopt a stray you would choose a new name an they eventually reply to it, right? Eh...Theo!

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