greenpansies (greenpansies) wrote in boston_buddies,


My baby boy, Rosko will be coming Sept. 1st!!

I already have 2 yorkies. And yorkies are, generally, on the fiesty side.

Can anyone recommend tips, ideas, tried-and-true methods of making the "new puppy phase" go as smoothly as possible?

I understand that by having 2 already-established dogs in the house, bringing a 3rd one in of a different breed might be tricky. I don't want to upset the yorkies any more than I have to, but I want everyone to like each other and I don't want to have to get rid of my pup just because they don't get along.

I'm already on thin ice with my papadukes, and know that if I can make this transion period as easy on ALL 3 dogs as I possibly can, he won't be so stubborn about it.



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