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IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN!!! Because last year people expressed their desire to do the calendar different in the future, here is a poll to help us decide how it will be done this year. "Voting" will be allowed until Sunday 8/28 at midnight (CST). (Sounds so official, doesn't it?!!! hehehe) Everyone can see the results, but on Monday I will make a post with the way it will be done, etc. AND the deadline for submissions. We WILL be doing the layout the same as last year, with the one voted "most popular" (all of our babies are WINNERS!) surrounded with a "frame" of all other entries for that month. AND as a bonus if we do it with Cafe Press, you can specify ANY photo to go on the cover of the one(s) you order! Get voting!
Poll #557463 Boston Buddies 2006 Calendar

How should we go about doing the 2006 Calendar?

As last year, with Cafe Press (the easiest and quickest "no fuss" way for Dawn - AND if we do it this way you can choose ANY photo to go on the cover!!!) and everyone getting one "at cost" (approx. $20)
At a local (for Dawn) printer and everyone gets one at cost plus shipping
At a local (for Dawn) printer and we charge a set amount with the profit going to a rescue group voted on by you

If you chose "Other" above, enter your idea below...


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