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Looks like Theo has more health problems than we realized, and it is more than we can take on, so his original family is going to keep him. I am sad, but I know he is where he needs to get well and live a long BT life!
An excerpt from the email regarding his issues:

-----   Things have gotten turned upside down as far as the little guy is concerned.  While Ian was still stalling and reluctant to give him up, we had Theo to the new vets for a check up on his vomiting issue.  Here's what we found out.  Theo has a heart murmur, which isn't a big deal unto itself but the vet recommended he have an EKG which will cost around $350.  The EKG is necessary because the vet believes his vomiting is being caused by a birth defect in his esophagus.  Probably a vein wrapped around it which makes it hard for him to swallow and pass food.  We did notice he's going to the bathroom about 4-5 times a day and that's not normal for most dogs.  He has to poop more often because he's not digesting the food all at once.  The surgery should fix his problem for good, but he has to have the EKG first to determine if he can make it through a surgery.  Bottom line is, if he doesn't have the surgery he will eventually get pneumonia again and die.  It's heartbreaking to say the least, and I'm sure way more than you guys are prepared to take on right now.

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