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Sasha and Molly

We got Sasha when I was 12, in December of 1992. He's the nicest, cuddliest dog in the entire world. When I'm home from College, he sleeps in my bed, and always manages to end up with his head on my shoulder so that I'm hugging him as if he were a stuffed animal. He has 2 blue eyes, and his mask is slipped (so he's a double mismark).

Here's Sasha, when he was skinny enough to fit under my bed

Molly was to replace me when I went to college. We got her in May of 1997. We refer to her as "the rat", as she's about 11 lbs with a full bladder, and 9 lbs with an empty one, compared to Sasha's 22 lbs or so. Molly has one blue eye and one brown eye, and is much more high-strung than Sasha. She's definitely the submissive one, and whenever we yell at her, she manages to roll over on her back and present her belly. She does this for Sasha too, who's always licking her face or belly. Molly's just weird like that. Also, she snores pretty loudly.

Here's molly as a puppy.


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