Rory and Charley (seethewizard) wrote in boston_buddies,
Rory and Charley

Can anyone relate to this?

Alex and I went to the shore for the weekend, and brought Rory. First of all, she refused to pee or poop on the leash. We would walk her for 20 minutes, and no results. We gave up and put up wee wee pads, so she managed a few episodes, but not as much as usual. We drove home, and were about 10 minutes from home. Rory was sitting on my lap, and helping me drive. Alex was next to me in the car. Rory decided she wanted to sit on Alex's lap instead, so she climbed there. About a minute later I heard Alex screaming. Rory had explosive diarrhea all over Alex -- her clothing, seat belt, car seat -- everything. What a mess! What an odor! I had my husband meet us with paper towels and a garden hose. Immediate shower. Immediate bath. Poor Rory. Poor Alex.

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