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Dog Park

I have been wanting to take Kermie to the dog park for a long time but was a little nervous. My cousin-in-law Shannon was going to take her dog (Hallie a lab/chow mix) today so as a day early birthday treat for Kermie we tagged along. She loved it! She was super well behaved and got along with dogs and people alike. Of course she had the people in love with her giving her bottled water and treats :) and she ran around playing with the dogs. We came home and I gave her a bath (she got majorly drooled on!) and was hot and now she is zonked out on the bean bag chair :)

"Auntie Shannon can I go play?"
Image hosted by
"Hallie, come over here!"
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Hallie sniffing around and tearing up some grass
Image hosted by
Kermie checking things out
Image hosted by
"What's your name?"
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Starting to get tired...
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I think we are about ready to go home...
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"What a great early birthday present!"
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