hellomillie (hellomillie) wrote in boston_buddies,

leash and off leash aggression

i've been having some rotten encounters lately. i can't seem to get along with strange dogs. i've got urges, you know? i want to protect my family. i want to be the center (that's another story). so, walks have become a real problem for my dad. he can't control me around other dogs. forget it. i've got one agenda when i see another dog. show 'em who the boss is. that's right! me. millie. mememe. i bark, i get in their face. i act all big and powerful. i even tried to attack a stafford terrior at the vet's office. who knew they were stonger? luckily i was the only aggressive one in that situation. dad was pretty scared there for a moment. so, what's he to do. anyone have any experience with what i'm going through?

i know my dad would like to know.


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