Libby (alwaysnsync4) wrote in boston_buddies,

Big problem maybe

Okay, I need some serious advice here. I think Charlie may have an aggression problem. He is about 10-11 weeks now. I know he is a terrier and he is a puppy and he has limitless energy....I have had dogs and am used to this. What I am concerned about is the fact that every single time I try to play with him, all he does is lunge at my face, growl, bark, and bite anywhere he can. He very rarely licks or does anything nice. I know this just might be his way of trying to play, but I am concerned and so is my mother about the level of aggression. If he is in an "energetic" mood, even if I am just sitting there without moving a muscle, he lunges at my face and snaps at everything. Mom says there will be a difference after he is neutered. I just don't know though. Did anyone else have this problem? What happens if he really is an overly aggressive dog? I don't understand it....all I do is feed him and take care of him and play with him. Also, when I try to hold him a certain way, he growls and barks and tries to bite my hand until I put him down. When my mom was holding him the same way, he was calm and licking her hand. I've never done anything to make Charlie fear me....I've made absolutely sure not to. I just don't understand. Please is breaking my heart.

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