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And then there's this...

For anyone interested in the on-going Pugsley/Klein Animal Shelter saga, I finally recieved a response from them.  It's been 24 days since they were informed of Pugsley's condition, and 16 since they screamed and hung up on me in regards to their negligent care of him.  The paper trail, while terribly sad to read, is here:

Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: No-name Boston

It has taken me a full week to write this, because I am still so livid that the lives of the animals Klein Shelter is supposed to be protecting have been put in jeopardy because of one obviously negligent volunteer.  While I understood from your screaming on the phone that you believe the shelter is not at fault for the volunteer's actions, I disagree.  I am certain that a court will disagree as well, but I would rather not go that route to ensure that the other animals who have been adopted under that volunteer's care are safe.

What I am asking of the shelter is a refund of Pugsley's adoption fees, the name and contact information of the volunteer who was fired from the shelter for her negligence, and any information you may have regarding the other adoptees who may also be sick and/or dying without the knowledge of their new owners.  You owe it to those animals to see that they are given the medical treatment necessary to sustain their lives.  If all the animals are given heartworm treatments on the same days, then the next scheduled pill will be given soon.  Those animals need to be re-tested for heartworms before a new dosage is given.  Please correct the horrific situation your shelter has caused for our animals and our families by taking the necessary preventative actions to keep other dogs from becoming more sick or dying.

Rest assured that if my dog dies from that woman's negligence, a polite email will be the least of her worries.  Help me keep this thing from the newspapers and the court systems-- help me find these other animals so we can get them well. 

I adopted Pugsley because I love rescue dogs, and I want to financially support the people and organizations who take these abandoned dogs in.  However, until I know that Klein Shelter is operating in conditions which benefit the dogs first, I am not going to sit idly by while other people pay you for the time you've protected theirs.  You owe it to these animals to make sure they are in good health and are adopted to families who are aware of their medical conditions, whether good or bad. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

--Ashley Jackson-Pierce

Ms. Jackson-Pierce,

We regret that you have experienced health problems with your recently-adopted pet.

The Klein Animal Shelter is a nonprofit organization created and built by a group of private citizens (animal lovers all), with private donations. It is not a governmental entity, although it contracts with various cities to accept surrendered and stray animals, primarily dogs and cats, picked up by Animal Control Officers or citizens. The Shelter does not board animals for a fee nor provide veterinary care. We are supported only by donations, processing fees, and the cooperation and labor of many volunteers. All of our revenue goes to operating expenses, debt service and, if anything is left over, for capital improvements.  As a new shelter (grand opening in May 2005), we are still on the learning curve, and have many unfilled needs, such as a cat play area, outside dog runs, grassy areas to walk dogs, and outside equipment storage, just to name just a few. 

With regard to your adoption fee refund request, the adoption contract that you signed allows for a refund or replacement within a five-day period, if accompanied by a veterinarian's statement and the animal's return to the Klein Shelter. Your request for a refund does not meet these criteria.

Further, our organization cannot divulge personal information regarding our employees, our volunteers, or our adopters. This is confidential information provided for our records only, and we would be violating privacy by releasing those records.

And finally, the Klein Animal Shelter does not routinely administer heartworm prevention medication. The cost would simply be too exhorbitant, as it is for most shelters. Your Boston Terrier was provided with additional care through a volunteer who paid for the expense out of her own pocket. Again, this is not standard practice.

Thank you for your concern for the welfare of rescued animals. It is our hope that you and Pugsley enjoy many wonderful years together.

Jennifer Lee
PAWS of East Texas Society (PETS)
Governing Board of Klein Animal Shelter
Jacksonville, Texas

Ms. Lee:

Did a robot write this response?  Many people consider their animals to be children, and those animals could be dying as a direct result of the negligence of the shelter, but you somehow managed to avoid that topic completely in this sterile reply.  I would never return Pugsley's to Klein Animal Shelter, much less for the $25 dollar refund of his adoption fees.  If he were still in your care, he would be dead already.  It's a goddamned shame that you are not addressing this issue with the urgency and the compassion that it deserves.  I wrote to you not only for Pugsley, but for all the other animals who could be in danger because of your organization.  Yet you refuse to acknowledge them.  Perhaps the generic template you created this response from didn't have a checkbox for "impending death". 

Yours truly, sincerely, with much regard, etc.

Ashley Jackson-Pierce




Hello, KLTV and The Jacksonville Progress. I can't just let these people send me a form letter and convince myself to let it go. Other animals could be dying. How could I NOT reach out to every available media outlet? I sincerely hope this ends well, for the puppies and the for the other people involved...


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  • My babies

    I haven't posted in forever... I'm sorry for that. I think I'll be around more often, and I hope all of you will be too. My babies:…

  • rest in peace

    In case anyone still checks this community, I thought I'd post this. My Lainie died yesterday. She had turned 11 years old not long ago. I took her…

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