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by way of introduction...

My name is Laurelei, and I am the humble servant of a Boston boy named Hoover. (Sorry about the crap picture, but I'll scan more soon, I swear!)

I got him on Valentine's day 1994, and turned 10 years old on December 2nd (pictures and post about his birthday party can be found here). He has no idea he's a dog (he's not! he's my son! ;) ), he's stinky beyond belief, he snores like a chainsaw, and I couldn't love him more. For his 1st birthday, he got a puppy, Annabelle, and he's recently been inflicted with three little brothers, in the form of three little kittens (full story found here).

I'm so glad bair invited me to this community, because I didn't even know it existed. Seeing all the pictures of your beautiful Boston sweethearts makes me go all gooey, and I'm killing myself laughing reading all of your laments about their stinkiness, snoring, etc.

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