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User profile page updated again! Woohoo!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you don't like the pictures that I've chosen, please let me know. Send me a picture to and I'll gladly replace it. :)

Hey! I have another Idea for the user profile page. If you have a webpage dedicated to your doggie('s) let me know and I'll add it. Especaially if you have a cam hooked up so that we can watch.

Here is my Doggie Den Cam page. If the cam freezes, just hit the refresh button. Right now the boys are napping. Winston is on my husbands lap (See the foot? That's my husband. :) Benny is on the floor napping in his bed and Bucky is up on the couch on Winston's blanket. I change the cam angle a lot, so it might change by the time you see it. :)


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