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Omg last night was such a bad night. First, I had a looong day, so I went out with some of my employees to watch Monday Night football....didn't drink at all. I was on my way home and a opossum ran out in front of my boyfriends car and we hit it! I started bawling my eyes out but my boyfriend said it might have just gotten stunned because there weren't too bumps from the front and back tires (I know it's sick, but at least it makes me feel a little bit better). So I was crying because I felt so aweful and I come to find Violet all broken out in these bump thingies. These were like dime and nickel sized bumps all over her head and parts of her shoulders....and I've never seen this on her before, so I'm assuming she got her skin irritated or chiggers got her when she went out potty. So I gave her a benadryl and it was starting to look better. So my boyfriend and I go to bed and she's antsy and wants to come downstairs to be with the other dog (my parents dog) Jake. So I was worried she'd slip but it sounded like she went down to the bottom of the steps so I figured she'd just come back up when she'd want.....WRONG! All of the sudden I hear this little foot slip and I hear her falling down the steps. I once again started crying b/c I'm already emotional about us hitting an animal (I honestly brake for butterflies) and then my baby falls and is sick. But luckily she's okay after falling (I think she just knocked into some text books more than anything). So I'm hoping today is better. The vet said just to keep giving her benadryl because I gave her one at 8am and she's looking okay, so I won't have to come in the office as of yet. But I'm curious, have any of your bostons gotten big welts like that??? She's gotten the swelling of the face after some chiggers or a shot but nothing like this. It's like she had warts of all sizes all over her. I just want to make sure to be aware of what that is so this doesn't happen again!

If you're down this far thanks for listening to my horrible day yesterday.

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Cathie and Violet

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