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A question...

As some of you might remember, Tux, the main Boston in my life, actually belongs to my mom, not to me. My parents do a lot of travelling, so about one weekend a month Tux comes to stay with me at the apartment I share with my partner. I love to spend time with him, and don't mind taking care of him at all, but my apartment is in a really urban area, and Tux is only 10 months old, and a puppy who's very used to the suburbs, at that.

My concern is, Tux doesn't seem to have any sense of boundaries yet. He thinks everything that he can fit in his mouth is a treat, and everyone person that we pass on a walk is his new best friend. He leaps and licks at everything and everyone he's curious about This freaks me out when I'm walking him around my apartment, because of how bustling the area is. Can anyone suggest any simple training techniques to get him to calm down and not be so curious? "No" and "Sit" seem to work, but only for a second, then he just goes back to trying to eat the bottle cap or sniff the homeless man's face. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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