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Boss is BAD!

Boss, Boss, Boss! What can I say about the Boss? He is just a mess! Cute, but a mess. We are doing pretty well with peeing outside, but he likes leaving the Boss-logs. No matter how long he is outside, he promptly poops on the floor. What else? Poor, poor Deez... Boss chews on him non-stop. Deez looks like he has a serious case of road rash (in this case, Boss bites) all over his body. His neck being the worst area. Its all scratched and pink. Deez, well, he is taking it all in stride. I think he realizes Boss is a little guy and I have never heard him make the Boss yelp. (Other than the few times he has rolled him when the Boston Pug 500 got too rowdy.) All in all, we are having a good time. They seem to be getting along. We do see lots of "Bitey Face" mostly outta Boss! I must have been crazy to get another Baby!

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