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Humane Society in MS

I know this may not be fitting for this board entirely, but since one of my pets is a BT I feel it might be appropriate. This is cross posted in my own journal, but I just copied it here since I know all of us BT owners are compassionate and love our dogs as children. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I just wanted to make a quick plea to all of my friends. In looking to get Abby spayed at a low cost shelter, I looked up the one in Gulfport that we got Angel and Bailey at since the one in greater New Orleans is closed obviously. They are in dire need of many items. I plan on personally going tommorrow to the Wal-Mart or Target and picking up some of these items. I cannot fathom how hard it is for them, and knowing that they provided us with two amazing children, I can't stand by and do nothing. They have a physical address if anyone would like to donate items. I'm sure even the cheapest things will be appreciated and used. If you are unable to donate items, they also have a link for monetary donations. Even $5 can help to make a difference in the lives of these animals. I feel so helpless, and having stepped in that shelter numerous times, and twice walking out with animals (three if you count me helping my mom pick out their chow mix) that have changed my life entirely, I am going to do whatever I can to help them out. So, if you are able, please open your heart and your wallet (if you can, I understand this is a trying time for everyone), or at least say a bit of a prayer (and that is a stretch for me to say since I am not very religious) that these animals get the help they need and deserve. Thanks for listening guys. :)

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