FluffyPinkGerbil (pinkgerbil) wrote in boston_buddies,

How does this happen ?? NBR , but dog related ....

I Have a puppy , a Yorkie terrier who is six months old , and doesnt even weight 5 pounds , but he is a deamon on four paws . Tonight he was playing with Sassy our Boston , on our bed. Well, Bently got too close to the edge of the bed and fell off , landing on a pile of books that I was cleaning up . He yelped , but other wise was fine, and went for sassy again, than squatted , so I rushed him out side ( i thought he had to GO)
When we let him back in about 10 minutes later , he was shaking , and wobbling ,and acting very funny , so we rushed him to the emrg. vets office , and a drive that should have taken almost an hour only took 20 min . We thought he was going to die .

We got him there, and they checked him out , and he has a cracked skull . How did that happen !????? Holy s.....!!!!
And when the vet showed us the x-rays , he began giving us the third degree about how it happned , what was in on , how far a fall , ect ( about three feet , btw ) and was treating us like we did it to him on purpose . We ( my husband and I were both crying , and hes acting like we beat our dogs.

My question is this , if someone beats their dog , why on earth wouth they risk their life to get their dog help at one am , and why would they put down a 1000$ deposit , and give the office full relase to do what ever they needed to keep the dog alive ?

I know we look funny , but that was the worst treatment we have ever recived in a vets office . *sigh*

I just want him to be okay . I am so scared right now .

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