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they are so fragile, aren't they?

The last few posts about the poor babies getting hurt/seizures has made me think of something that happened to Griffin a couple months back. My husband was playing with Griffin, as he always does, on the bed. Our mattress and boxspring are on the floor, but they are oversized so a little taller than standard. Anyway, Griffin likes to jump on, off, on, off the bed and this one time, he yelped and was holding one of his back legs up. He kept yelping and my husband massaged his leg, we calmed him down and he seemed fine. We thought it was just a muscle spasm. A few days later I noticed he was always standing with that one leg off the ground, but seemed to run and jump and walk perfectly fine. I took him to the vet and it wasn't broken, thank goodness, but he needed anti-inflamatories because it was a joint problem. After the medication, he was back to normal. But man! What a scare! I couldn't believe that just jumping off of a bed that's on the floor could hurt him. Now we're very cautious with playtime.

My thoughts are with your sick or injured puppies right now! I hope all is well with them very soon.

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