moderngirlamf (moderngirlamf) wrote in boston_buddies,

speaking of acting out...

our Hum has been sort of nasty to my parents lately; it all started when my younger brother left for college this fall. Hum peed in the house in protest for three weeks straight after my brother left (they "shared" a room). my mother didn't know what to do! she started putting the baby gate in front of the door of our den and leaving him in there when my parents went to work...but eventually, he settled down. (mom even took him to the vet to make sure there wasn't something medically wrong with him, but he was fine!)
a week before i came home for christmas though, my mother calls me and says: "you know what? Hum peed on the floor again! Dad and I were having breakfast before work and he just stares us down and starts peeing right there on the rug! it was like, 'hey! hey! don't forget that i hate you!'. so it was back to the den with him for a few days!" i couldn't help but laugh, seeing my parents dropping their spoons into their cereal bowls, totally shocked that Hum would ever do something so brazenly wrong.
my dad chalks it up to his age (he *is* 13), but i think he just wanted to remind my parents that he still missed my brother, and was just demanding his return.

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