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Oh dear.

I posted several weeks ago about my mom's new puppy, Periwinkle, and how she is terrified of everyone besides my mom. This weekend my parents are out of town and I am dogsitting; I just arrived a little while ago. And the fun has already started. I found Peri lying in her dog bed. I started to pet her and sweet talk her but she just lay there stiff as a board. I started to very gently pick her up - I know she has to go to the bathroom by now, and I figured I'd be better off carrying her outside than trying to coax her out - but she slipped out of my hands and ran into her crate, which she will not come out of. She's shaking like a leaf. I tried to lure her out with a treat, but that didn't work. I am hoping that if I am calm and patient with her she will eventually relax and start to trust me, but maybe I am being too optimistic. Do you all have any advice for me? She's so cute, and I want to be her friend!

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