radmccoolberg (radmccoolberg) wrote in boston_buddies,

I just have to vent for a second. So I take Obo to my friends apartment and Im standing in the lobby waiting for him to come down so we can go, I wasnt even going up to his place. And the landlord comes RUSHING out of no where and gets in my face and is like "What kind of dog is that?" So I tell him its a pit bull and he is 3 months old and his name. He promptly tells me that the other dogs in the building will smell him *as if a pit bull has a different "mean" smell* and will start to get mean and go nuts. I even held myself back! I very nicely told him that what he was saying wasnt true and he flipped out and told me to get the F out of his building! It was terrible! I wanted to cry! I was also still dealing with Obo being so itchy that he couldnt sleep at night. I had taken him to the vet TWO TIMES! And he was still really bad. Then I woke up yesterday and his chest was bloody! I had done every freaking thing I could think of! Benedryl, warm baths with baking soda *actually worked!*, I even put bitter apple on his paws to keep him from chewing and he blew through it! So I take him to a vet that has always been very good to me and my pets, problem was it was in Tacoma...a good hour drive away. And come to find out that my baby was given the wrong antibiotics and being treated for something that doesnt even exist in dogs until around a year old!!!!!!!!!!! *sighs* But thankfully they fixed him right up! And now his is on the road to recovery! They gave him an anti itchy medicine and a good antibiotic to clear up the infection.

Sorry for the long text...I just had to get that off my chest. It was a long day for my little boy yesterday. But I think he got over it, he is passed out in my lap on a pillow hehe =)Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!

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