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Doggie Cookies

I think the boys (doggies) have my number.

Usually when I let them outside to do their business I have to bribe them to come back in the house so they don't get muddy. I usually do this by offering them some of my homemade doggie cookies. They love 'em so I usually only have yell "boys!" once and they all come running for their treat.

Now I think they are only telling me that they want to go outside so that they can get a treat when they come back in! The little brats don't even go off the deck to go pee. They just stand there and look at me. grrrr..... silly little boys (and smart ones at that) They all do it too. They will stand in the living room and bark at Tom and I until we let them out.

Man-o-man, my boys are spoiled.

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