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Scary Moment

Albus gets bacterial infections on his chin that look pretty bad, but really don't seem to bother him.  I usually clean them up with peroxide and they clear up in a few days.  Well last night he was squirming around and I got too much on his chin and it ran into his eyes.  He ran around and rubbed his face on the floor, and his eyes got really bloodshot.  I use peroxide because I know it won't do much more than make him throw up if he swallows a little, but I never thought about getting it in his eyes.  It was 11pm, so nothing was open to call to see if this would do more than irritate his eyes.  I hopped on-line and found an article saying it would do almost immediate damage, and I paniced.  Luckily after I went and flushed his eyes out with water I got back on-line and found that the article I was reading was for industrial peroxide and that household peroxide usually does not damage eyes if it is a limited exposure.  I hope this is the case.  Anyone have any experience with the issue?  His eyes aren't bloodshot this morning and he didn't have any unusual drainage or anything so I think that is a good sign.  I feel horribly guilty because I never should have put it on there with him laying on his back, but I never even thought about it getting in his eyes.


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