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Update on Albus

First thank you for your comments and well wishes for Albus.  I tried to call the vet this morning, but they didn't open until 9.  Unfortunatly I had class, a meeting, and then another class and didn't get to call them until just now.  I spent the entire morning worring I'd destroyed his vision or 100 other horrible things.  Fortunatly I called the vet just now and she said I didn't need to worry about it.  He seems to be doing fine, but I still feel like a parent who just let his child play in the middle of the road or something.  Anyway we are off to find him a big toy or treat today to quell my guilt. 

And just so you know in case it happens.  It shouldn't harm them.  However, I may need to look at alternatives to my current treatment of this issue.


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