Jenn (astridlynn) wrote in boston_buddies,

Let me in....!

Speaking of potty training......

I'd like to find a way for Charlie to tell us he wants to come back inside, other than scratching on the screen. When we go to my parents' house (quite often) he is able to run in the fenced in yard, which is great and all, but then he's learned to scratch on the screen door to get out attention. My dad's taught him that it's fun to chase squirrels, so standing there waiting for him is really unproductive--you could stand there all night or afternoon. We've been trying to teach him to "Speak" to come in, but he just doesn't get it...he still scratches. Another idea I've thought of has been to get a bell...or cordless doorbell thing that I could bring to wherever I go. (We go out to my grandpa's farm often times too and there he runs with the other dogs for long periods of time.)

What are your thoughts on this? Any advise?

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