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Have you guys heard the news?  There's a new doggy in town.

Please meet Mister Oliver Grimm.



Okay, sometimes you  have to go looking for him because he likes to take bury himself in human nests and take naps.

 <--Human nest

What's this?  It appears that there might be some covered tracks in the nest.

If we can just dig a little further into the nest...

!! It appears we've unearthed something within the nest (please note the hairs that the Oliver is leaving behind within the nest as he stakes his ownership over said nest).

Obviously, we're disturbing him.  Look at the vicious glint in those eyes.

And now he's just irked.  And, apparently so tired from staking his claim and burying himself in the human nest -- only to be rudely disturbed, that he cannot even hold his ears up.


If the photographer were a better..photographer..maybe she would have caught the horrific teeth display occuring at that moment.  Or, maybe it was just another sign that nest invading is a busy and, thus, exhausting job. 

The creature sleeps a lot actually...

His mama is pretty sure that it's because he's so busy begging for treats and doing every trick he knows how to do (all at the same after the other) in order to get some snackies.

Even though the creature is, undoubtedly, "vicious" and "manipulative", his mama cannot help but love him more than anything in the entire universe.  It's very likely that such a paradox is possible because he is the cutest thing alive...and quite literally her baby.


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