The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box

So I went to Petco this morning to get Fizzgig a sweater. I almost got him a really funny monster fur one, but I decided to be practical and got him this one. I almost got him a plush dreidle, but I'm holding out for when they get the Hannukah fish back in stock. Anyway, while at Petco, I met a dog trainer and started asking her questions about him. Like would I have to get him indiviualized training, or would they allow him in a class with his disability. Anyway, she was apparently very taken with him (who would'nt be?) and offered to train him for free! Yay! He starts on Wednesday. I told her about his limitations, that he's an idiot when it comes to other dogs, that he's unable to stand on his own without leaning on something, that he walks well but falls over a lot and circles. I told her I was basically just interested in basic commands, I don't want to push him to do things he is'nt capable of like walking at the same pace as me etc. Woo-hoo!

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