betti diamond (starylala) wrote in boston_buddies,
betti diamond

OK, so, my little Sophie girl had to go to the vet earlier in the semester because one of the nylabone treats that are like a greenie really messed up her stomach. While I was there, the vettech told me about another dog they'd had to OPERATE on to remove a greenie from its esophagus. I know your dogs love them, but you should all reconsider giving them to your pup(s). Anyway, my mom sent me this. Please read:

Hi all I have a warning to pass on with a story to tell of my own..... On the way back from the Dobe National this year, I was walking one of the dogs at theairport waiting for the owner to return our rental car when the dog decided to throw up.....I was shocked to see a mass of green rubber-like material and immediately called the owner. The mass looked like something you would see in the pad under a carpet. I was assured the dog did not shred anything...and that the only thing the dog had been given to eat recently was a "Greenie" of those formed green dog treats that look like a toothbrush.....I couldn't believe one of those pressed dog treats would reconstitute into what looked like a mass of foam
rubber pieces! Well, after getting home my friend did an experiment....cut up one of those things and soaked it in water overnight....low and
behold a mass of foam rubber crap! Certainly NOT digestible! We both made a note to never feed those things again...and then last night in the Seattle area the newscast did a piece guessed it GREENIES! A whole story about how dogs are DYING from blockages after eating those stupid things! Here is a link to the article....turns out they are NOT 100% digestible....DUH!

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