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Bathrooms mean "Potty".

So I thought I was going to get a chance to sleep in today. *LOL* Yeah right. I've been dragging Charlie out of bed at 7am (to go outside before I leave for class) for 2 weeks now. He's usually really good about being content to stay in bed as long as I'll let him. This morning promplty at 7:30am he wakes me up and wants out of the bedroom. So I roll over, open up the bedroom door for him, thinking I'm gonna go back to sleep. Sometimes he just likes to go a get a drink and walk around the apartment. *LOL* Nope, not the case this morning. He came back up to nudge me in the face, then proceeded to go to the bathroom door and scratch, laying there until I got up. How do they get so smart? He did the same thing when I was at my bf's house over New Year's....

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